Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magnetic Levitating Pot Holder

This is my idea for a levitating pot holder. The idea is that the pot does not touch the supporting surface in any way. This keeps insects from crawling into your food. Combined with a lid this would be perfect for picnics or anywhere bugs are feared. It would also work well as a serving holder for any dinner table center piece or casual dining.

The magnets would be natural magnets and at minimum three would be required however I'm not sure of the size required to make the correct gap and what the weight limit would be.


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faulty said...

Hi Nick,
I can't find your email too. Anyway you can email me at faulty[dot]lee[at]gmail[dot]com.

Frankly, I might not the best person to answer your question, but I'll try my best. I happen to come across this few technology simply because I was looking for the best one that works for my project, and tried a few along the way.

You're correct, XNA is the equivalent managed wrapper for Direct3D. The underlying engine I'm not sure if it's Direct3D, but it works on both Xbox 360 and Windows. But it's limited by the hardware design of Xbox 360. Thus you can't fully utilized Direct3D's feature in Windows by using XNA. XNA is supposed to replace MDX 2.0, which is dropped by MS even before it's release.

Direct3D is the native API to access the 3D hardware. Direct3D coded using C++ is always faster than XNA or MDX, and with no restriction.