Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Passenger Train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

One of the most greatly overlooked public transportation connections in the United States is the train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. This is probably a conspiracy, but out of respect for our overlords I will claim it is due to laziness by the american people.

Some of the reasons why this would be an important connection include:

Las Vegas is an important city.

Las Vegas is an entertainment destination.

Las Vegas is feeling left out.

There would be a savings for the future in terms of energy.

This would promote productivity in so far as giving motivation to workers.

My train includes storage room for 'bins' and large objects. Elevated trains are easier to maintain in my opinion because they have fewer meeting points with the terrain which allow for the terrain to shift underneath. Mag-lev trains are nice, but I always thought a mag-lev train enclosed in a vacuum tube would be even more efficient.

I would also include entertainment cars and even casino cars once the border has been crossed however the journey might not be long enough to bother.

-Nicholas Juntilla

email: nick(at)worldnick(dot)net

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