Monday, June 08, 2009

Bluetooth Memory Network - Proximity Watch

For each of your devices and objects you need to carry with you at all times such as your wallet and keys you attach a sticker with a bluetooth signal. The signal is picked up by your watch which is the hub. If at any time any of your devices leaves the range then your watch vibrates to alert you that the item is out of range. The stickers can also be placed in coat pockets, on children, on luggage or anything you would like to keep near. If you wear your watch all the time then you will never leave the house without a vital item. This could also be built into a necklace or other wearable item as the hub. The satillite items will need an energy source such as a watch battery or something rechargeable. To recharge the items the tabs and items with stickers could be placed on a 'recharging tray.' There are probably many items you would like to keep track of and I believe for a low power low bandwith system such as bluetooth this is the ideal usage and perhaps what the original inventors intended even if they weren't aware.

Nick Juntilla

If someone wants to draw a picture for me please do. I'm not exactly sure what this would look like yet.


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