Monday, June 08, 2009

Lighter Than Air Plane - Flight Fingers Make Lighter Than Air Planes Possible

This plane solves two problems. It is a lighter than air craft that does not get blown around by the wind and can still achieve reasonable speeds and control without being governed completely by the weather. It is a plane that can hover in one place without using any energy. The flight fingers are air bags that drag behind the craft when it is in forward direction. When the craft needs to hover or stand or land in one place the craft simply powers down and comes to rest under the fingers. The multiple fingers allow some amount of air to travel between the bags. The fingers could also be partially deflated if it helps in forward flight. The aircraft has the flexibiliy of an airplane and a helicopter without the complication.

In the left side of the picture the craft is in motion with the fingers dragging behind. On the right the craft is hovering, landing, or taking off with the fingers above.

Nicholas Juntilla

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