Monday, June 08, 2009

Post-It Note Printer or 3x5 Card Printer

Most printing jobs are small or at least the information is. We want directions to the club or a serial number. Maybe you want to copy and paste a phone number from your computer to REAL life. That is where the Post-It Note Printer would come in to play. The printer itself might stick on to the side of your monitor and be attached by USB. A window in the OS would have a blank square where you could just drag information and have it printed right away without the guilt and obvious excess of using entire sheets of paper for every little job. Why don't we have more options? An entire 8x11 inche sheet of paper seems like an enormous amount of space (it is also double sided) to use when you want to print out your google maps directions or maybe even just a note. Printing 3x5 cards would be a bonus for presentations, larger amounts of information and whatever else. When will we have these tiny printers?


If you spot any of this in the wild please let me know. I don't profit from the ideas, but I'd love to see it.

email: nick(at)worldnick(dot)net


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