Monday, June 08, 2009

Laptop Case Standards

This is perhaps a couple years too late because laptops may be fading out as a form for computers, but I'm surprised no one has ever thought about standardizing the laptop case the way desktop cases have been for years. People love to buy desktops and upgrade components over the years. The same would be true had a company or group ever decided to standardize the laptop case including a standard dimension for the motherboard and power supply. This would allow people to turbo charge, customize, and fix their laptops if they ever broke. It would give control to the customer. This would allow new opportunity for businesses to sell parts directly to the customer and give the customer the flexibility and longevity they crave. It would also make laptops seem less 'vulnerable' in that 'if one thing goes wrong the whole thing is lost' way. I imagine companies would start to come out with specialized rugged cases and even waterproof cases. The laptops might be larger than the smallest laptops, but we know people are willing to buy larger laptops to replace their desktops. There might also be a smaller case standard like the miniATX was to the ATX.


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