Monday, June 08, 2009

Pivot Hammer - New Better Hammer

There hasn't been an improvement to the hammer since... well there has been a few improvements to the hammer arguable the air pressure gun and that thing on the infomercial that pre-loads nails. Regardless of all that when I was a kid I built a lot of tree-houses (forts) and I learned well how to use a hammer. Still I thought of an improvement. The nails I used were weak mainly because I pulled them out of trees and old wood. Bending nails was my worst nightmare because then we would have to go find more which could take all day. This hammer is designed to maintain the optimal striking angle to the nail which is perpendicular. The pivot head snaps to the head of the nail to redirect incorrect force closer to the direction of the nail depending on the tension of the spring. This is one of my first inventions along with off-road roller blades and wheels that move both ways (both of which were invented--I remember seeing the wheel invented by a team of Australian scientists) I don't have a machine shop so I can't build one. I always wanted to. I never really wanted to get into the hammer business and I know patenting things involves a lawyer and thousands of dollars so here it is.

In case you are having trouble readin my hand writing the text says:

Pivot Hammer by Nicholas Juntilla

(Left) Hammer Pivots to perpendicular angle and save(s) nails

(Right) Inside is a high tension spring



Spring Cavity with rounded edges (This keeps the head pivotable on more surface area of the head [theoretically])

Enjoy! Please give me an email nick(at)worldnick(dot)net if you can test this. I've had a running bet with a few of my brighter friends as to whether this would work.

-Nick Juntilla

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