Monday, June 08, 2009

Public Maps Local Directory

Public Maps is an idea I had a long time ago for a business. Actually I converted it into a business idea because I was in need of money. The real idea doesn't require anyone to make a profit. Any particular city could implement it. If you have ever seen those maps at Disney Land where you will see the listing of attractions or more likely if you have ever been to a mall you will see a public map with the stores listed. With the advent of GPS systems and Google maps it is becoming less necessary, but it would still be a huge boon on any city or innovative private citizen to post maps at 7-11 or Gas Stations. These maps would have listings of local business so that residents would know what businesses are available to them. They would also be very useful to travelers and anyone not familar with the city. Funny, when I had this idea I was amazed that we don't already do this as a people. Of course these maps would have to be updated and have a sturdy case. It might be someone's job to go around the city from business to business and also update these maps. The spirit of togetherness alone would be enough to implement this, but I'm sure you could imagine all the other benefits.


This picture sucks. I originally imagined the map being on the corner, but when I started drawing I messed it up immediately because the map was too small.

As usual please let me know if you are going to fire this one up

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