Monday, June 08, 2009

The Level System - Education

The Level System of education is a system where by each student is given a chart. The chart displays the subjects the student has attended on the bottom and the Level of the student's current ability on the left. It is a bar chart. Every student may attend any subject class regardless of age group. To progress in levels the student is required to take a test. There is no limit to how quickly or slowly a student may progress. The level system encourages both competition and life long learning. The Level System Replaces our Current Education System. The Level System allows for teachers to teach one subject all year long. A student may walk in on any class provided there is room. Ideally the building or system of buildings where the teaching is done would be a large group facility like a modern day community college except for students of all ages. It might also be possible to create higher learning institution like modern day private colleges for students of high level or PHD students who have completed all levels of a subject.

An example of the Level System would be a student who has a Level 4 in Basic math, a level 3 in basic reading and writing skills, a level 7 in World History and a level 2 in U.S. History. This student may have many young classmates in his reading class and many older classmates in his history class. This also promotes cross-generational communication. To gain levels the student would have to pass state and or federal exams. The student would be able educate himself/herself according to his/her needs. The student could take more time in some subjects and excel in others. This would give the United States a more accurate assesment of our populations education, it would give employers a better understanding of their employees, and it would give the individual access to the education she NEEDS instead of a generalization based on age. There could also be many sub-subjects and branches from basic splitting into many more advances subjects. I would also recommend there be no requirement to attend school.

Nick Juntilla



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